Precautions to take before & after Dental Bonding

Precautions to take before & after Dental Bonding
Posted on 04/10/2023

Panoramic Dental is your leading choice for cosmetic dentistry in the Walnut Creek area. Filled with talented professionals who care about your needs and goals, you'll find all of the procedures and treatments you need like dental bonding.

Dental bonding is a popular procedure for those who want to enhance or improve their smiles. The dentist uses a resin material that is the same color as your natural teeth. They apply it to the surface of your tooth and use another material that bonds it and keeps it from coming loose. Dental bonding can hide cracks in your teeth, cover chipped teeth, extend the length of your teeth, make your teeth look more natural, and even hide stains. Find out more about the precautions you should take before and after dental bonding.

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Before Dental Bonding

The Cleveland Clinic lists several steps that you need to go through before your dental bonding that start with choosing the right shade and preparing the tooth. You want a shade that blends with the rest of your teeth and doesn't cause the tooth to stand out. The dentist will also need to prepare your tooth by shaping it and roughening the surface.

While other types of cosmetic dentistry take multiple appointments, dental bonding requires just one. The dentist will go over what you can expect and help you decide if it's the best option for your teeth. Many patients spend only 30 to 60 minutes in the office during this procedure.

After Dental Bonding

After your appointment, you will likely notice that your teeth are more sensitive than they were before. It can take a few days before the sensation wears off. Try to avoid foods and drinks that will worsen your sensitivity like ice cream and frozen yogurt as well as coffee and tea. Some patients also find it helpful to stick to soft foods like mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese for a few days after dental bonding.

Long-Term Care

There are also some precautions you should take after dental bonding that include:

  • Schedule cleaning appointments once every six months to keep the bonding in good shape.
  • Avoid crunchy and hard foods like pretzels and potato chips.
  • Stick with medium or soft bristles when brushing your teeth as hard bristles can cause some damage.
  • Avoid any abrasive kinds of toothpaste that use charcoal and similar ingredients.

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Get Ready for Dental Bonding

Learning more about dental bonding precautions will help you see what to expect during your appointment. You'll also know how to care for your new smile in the future weeks and months. Choose Panoramic Dental for dental bonding to get the brilliant smile you want.

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