Things to do before and after teeth whitening

Things to do before and after teeth whitening
Posted on 05/10/2022

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If you have been a patient at Panoramic Dental for any amount of time, you know that we’re your one-stop-shop for your dental needs. Beyond dental cleanings and check-ups, did you know that we also offer cosmetic dentistry procedures, including whitening?

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Teeth whitening is a highly sought-after treatment for those wishing to dazzle the world with their brightest smile. Teeth naturally discolor due to age, from consuming food, beverages, and sometimes even certain medications. If you are scheduled for a teeth whitening treatment, take a look at these tips for what you should do before and after your appointment.

What to do before you get your teeth whitened:

If you are in the La Morinda area and coming to us for teeth whitening, the following tips will better prepare you:

  • Schedule a check-up: Before your whitening, it is recommended that you have a dental check-up and professional cleaning.
  • Eat! Have a nice meal before your appointment so you don’t find yourself hungry while you’re sitting in the chair.
  • Desensitize. Starting the week leading up to your appointment, we suggest you switch to sensitive toothpaste. Gently brush with a soft-bristled brush, and avoid highly acidic foods.
  • Dress for comfort. Come in comfy clothes and bypass the make-up, keeping your face clean. Teeth whitening can take some time, so prepare to be comfortable.

You will love your new look!! Here are some tips for after your whitening to get the most benefit from your new pearly whites:

What to do after you get your teeth whitened:

  • Be aware of sensitivity. Your teeth will be sensitive for the first few days after treatment. Limit discomfort by staying away from food and drink with extreme temperatures and continuing to use your sensitive toothpaste.
  • Watch what you consume. While whitening removes previous stains, it does not prevent future stains. The first few days after treatment are when your teeth are the most prone to re-staining, so avoid dark drinks like soda or coffee, as well as acidic foods like tomato sauce. Smoking is also a large cause of staining, so that is best to be avoided.
  • Keep up your oral hygiene. Brushing and flossing are important parts of dental care always, but you’ll definitely want to amp up your brush game after a whitening session, particularly after consuming highly-stainable foods and drinks.
  • Schedule a follow-up. Keep your teeth shining bright by scheduling future touch-up appointments.

Panoramic Dental loves being a part of such an important part of your health. We know that a smile to be proud of is a great confidence enhancer. Contact your Walnut Creek dental office to set up your whitening treatment or next dental cleaning.

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