4 Myths And Facts About Sleep Apnea

4 Myths And Facts About Sleep Apnea
Posted on 11/03/2022

At Panoramic Dental, our goal is to help you live life on your terms. Whether you're a mature patient who wants to recapture your youthful essence from yesteryear or desperately need dental implants in Walnut Creek, we're here to help. Our world-class physicians and dental experts work with you to define your goals and build tailored treatment plans that surpass your expectations. And for the sleep apnea patients who desperately need a good night's sleep, here are four myths we need to debunk before you visit our office at 2225 Olympic Boulevard in Walnut Creek, California.

Myth 1 - Snoring Means You Have Sleep Apnea

Are you ready for a game of logic? To get started, you must understand that every patient suffering from sleep apnea snores during slumber. However, just because someone snores while napping or going to bed for the evening does not mean they have sleep apnea. To properly diagnose your sleeping habits for signs of sleep apnea, a medical examination here at Panoramic Dental is essential.

Myth 2 - Sleep Apnea Only Affects Adults

The chilling aspect of sleep apnea that makes it so dangerous is that it doesn't discriminate against age. Whether an individual is in the latter stages of life or headed off to middle school, sleep apnea, also known as pediatric obstructive sleep apnea in young patients, can drastically lower their quality of life. Statistics related to pediatric apnea vary between 1% and 10%.

Myth 3 - Everything's OK as Long as You Don’t Feel Bad

One of the notions that run rampant among patients who suffer from sleep apnea is the notion of waiting until it's too late. Are you an individual who suspects sleep apnea is to blame for your negative daily occurrences, but you chalk it up as, "no big deal" on account of how trivial it seems? If so, you're dealing with a life-threatening medical condition that needs to be evaluated by a medical professional.

Myth 4 - Sleep Apnea Isn't Serious

Lastly, sleep apnea is a serious condition that demands your respect. Unchecked and untreated sleep apnea can cause daytime sleepiness, nonrestorative sleep, mood instability, cardiovascular issues, heart attacks, and stroke. In simple terms, our staff at Panoramic Dental advises you to schedule a consultation in the immediate future.

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