Teeth Whitening Aftercare Tips

Teeth Whitening Aftercare Tips
Posted on 09/10/2023

If you are like many people, your teeth aren’t as white as you’d like. This can leave you feeling self-conscious and unsure about your smile, but at Panoramic Dental in Walnut Creek, we’re here to help. After you have gotten your teeth whitening procedure, it’s important to carefully follow the aftercare tips provided to you by our office.

Consume Only Light-Colored Foods and Drinks

After you have undergone teeth whitening in Walnut Creek, you must be careful about what you eat and drink. Immediately after your treatment, you should stick with only light-colored foods and drinks. This can help you avoid staining your newly whitened teeth. Eating foods like chicken, fish, pasta, rice, potatoes, and cauliflower can prevent potential problems. Drink water, white grape juice, green tea, and other light beverages.

Avoid Sticky, Chewy Foods

You should also aim to avoid any extremely sticky, chewy foods while waiting for your teeth whitening to set. Doing this for at least a few days can make all the difference in the world. Something that is too chewy can stick to your teeth and potentially even damage your enamel.

Brush Gently

Use a soft-bristled toothbrush after receiving teeth whitening with our cosmetic dentistry La Morinda office and brush gently. It can prevent damage to your teeth and help you avoid unnecessary pain as it’s normal to have more sensitivity during this time. Brushing gently also allows the teeth whitening procedure to be a success.

Use Sensitivity Products

After teeth whitening at Walnut Creek, you might feel extra sensitivity to heat and cold. Using products specifically tailored toward such sensitivity can be a lifesaver. You can find these over the counter, and they are a great way to protect your pearly whites during your aftercare. You can find toothpaste, gel, and even mouthwash that can help you relieve your sensitivity.

Attend Follow-Up Appointments

When you have cosmetic dentistry La Morinda, it’s essential to keep up with your follow-up appointments to our office to ensure that your teeth whitening treatment is progressing normally. The dentist will want to examine your teeth to ensure that they haven’t suffered damage during the process. You will also be apprised of the status of your teeth whitening and can get additional helpful tips from the dentist if necessary.

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