Traditional or Digital X-Ray: Which Is Best for Dental Use?

Posted on 12/12/2022

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Whether you want to get veneers, worry about a damaged tooth, or think you have a cavity, you need x-rays. This is the first step that a dentist will take before they decide on the best course of treatment. Though some offices use traditional x-rays, others take new digital images of your teeth. Learn more about both methods to see what type is best for dental use.

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Traditional Oral X-Rays

Traditional oral x-rays are fairly common. Dentists began using them to take images of patient's teeth during the late 19th century. They can use different types such as bitewing and panoramic x-rays. While they do give the dentist a good view of your mouth, they have some downsides. These x-rays expose your mouth and any uncovered areas of your body to radiation.


Dangers of Traditional X-Rays

Many dentists today do not recommend traditional x-rays because they are potentially dangerous. One study found that the number of people diagnosed with cancer caused by x-rays will increase by up to 1.8 percent in the next 75 years. Every time you have a traditional x-ray done, you increase your body's exposure to radiation.

Digital X-Rays

Dentistry Lafayette offices started using digital x-rays in the late 1980s and early 1990s. They use a combo of digital imaging and small amounts of radiation to take images of specific teeth or your whole mouth. Dentists can keep copies of these images in their patients' files and share them when needed as well as keep track of any changes between appointments.

Benefits of Going Digital

Digital x-rays are the best choice for dental patients because they have so many benefits. They cost less and often provide dentists with better images. They do not need to wait for a technician to process the images because they get them almost instantly. When you choose a cosmetic dentist Walnut Creek office, you'll also notice that digital x-rays help patients stay more comfortable than traditional x-rays do.

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