Make Your Teen's Christmas Merry with Invisalign

Posted on 11/07/2022

At Panoramic Dental in Walnut Creek, California, we have a staff of friendly, professional, and very qualified doctors. Our team practices general dentistry and orthopedic procedures, and one of the most popular offerings is the Invisalign clear aligner braces alternative.

Panoramic Dental is also very close to other locations like La Morinda, Lafayette, and other population centers, so we serve a very broad community.

These clear aligners have the same result as braces, though they do not function the same en route to straightening your teeth. They're very non-invasive, comfortable, and clean. These aligners are nothing like those metal wires that are traditionally glued and banded into the mouth. With Christmas right around the corner, now might be the best time to get your child or your teen the gift of straight teeth.

5 Advantages of Invisalign for Teenagers

1. Promote Oral Health

With traditional wire braces, you cannot remove the wires and must clean every little nook and cranny. There's constantly food and other particulate matter stuck in between the wires; plus it makes it much harder to properly clean the teeth since the wire braces are raised. Teeth whitening in La Morinda is a good way to go if you need it, but a teenager shouldn't have to worry about this just because they wear braces. You can remove Invisalign molds and properly clean the teeth.

2. Eat All Your Favorite Foods

Your teenager is going to hate learning that they can no longer eat chips, candy, and anything crunchy or tough to chew. There goes hard candy and beef jerky. This is your teen's fate if you go with traditional braces. When you go with clear aligners, however, these molds can be removed, and your teen can eat anything they want to eat. As long as they brush their teeth before putting the aligners back in, there are zero diet restrictions.

3. Avoid the Mouth Damage

People who wear traditional braces deal with constant little cuts inside their mouths, which turn to sores, and the whole experience is just uncomfortable. Most end up biting the insides of their cheeks very often too, which just makes eating miserable. You can avoid the sharp edges of the wires with clear aligner molds. Going with the right dentistry in Lafayette and surrounding areas means getting Invisalign aligners that are molded to be a perfect fit.

4. Do Fun Teenage Stuff

Wearing traditional wire braces means having to visit the dentist over and over again. You'll have to go in for cleanings, adjustments, realignment, etc. With Invisalign, you'll get some new molds every so often, but you can avoid every other type of visit. This means that your teenager gets to be a teenager. They can go do fun stuff instead of a dentist visit.

5. Smile Wider

Teenagers with wire braces hide their smiles and some even become a bit antisocial and standoffish. This is because they're embarrassed by their teeth. This isn't the case with clear aligners, especially since they can be removed. Your teen can show off their bright smile in full confidence.

Whether you're after teeth whitening in La Morinda, serious dental work in Walnut Creek, or anything in between, Panoramic Dental is the place to go. Check out what our dentistry in Lafayette can offer you today.

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