Foods That Naturally Whiten Your Teeth

Posted on 08/06/2018

At Panoramic Dental, our cosmetic dentists and staff want all our patients to have healthy, beautifully white smiles that they are proud of. Of course, with good regular oral hygiene and dental cleanings this can be achieved. But sometimes, we want our smiles to be a little bit more white, and we've got an easy way to reach your ideal smile: eat! Naturally, there are some foods that are better for your teeth, both in preventing tooth decay and cavities, and increasing your teeth's natural white color. Our cosmetic dental team recommends consuming apples, cheese, broccoli, and carrots to naturally whiten your teeth! Continue reading below for more details!


appleApples are high in fiber and water. When you eat an apple, your mouth produces a high level of saliva, which basically acts like a bath for your teeth. The extra saliva will rinse away bacteria and food particles in your mouth. Also, apples have a great fibrous texture which stimulates your teeth and gums. Although eating an apple is not the same as brushing your teeth, it can act like a mini-brushing during the day and give your teeth a good scrubbing, keeping them at their peak white!


If you love cheese, you're in luck because it's also great for your teeth. The American Academy of General Dentistry reported that eating cheese increases the pH level of your mouth and therefore reduces the risk of tooth decay and stains. Cheese also contains high levels of protein and calcium, both of which are excellent nutrients to strengthen the enamel on your teeth.


Broccoli excellent for your body's overall health, but especially your teeth. Green, crunchy vegetables like broccoli are high in calcium, folic acid, and vitamin B. This combination of nutrients strengthens your enamel, treats gum disease, cleans your teeth, and wards off future discoloration.


teeth whiteningLike apples, carrots are also very high in fiber. Eating a raw carrot increases the saliva production in your mouth and in turn, reduces your risk of cavities. The crunchy, fibrous texture can have a scrubbing affect on your teeth and brush away some plaque, bacteria, and past stains. Carrots are also quite high in vitamin A, which is an excellent nutrient for your body and teeth.

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