Does Teeth Whitening Weaken Your Teeth in the Long Run?

Posted on 02/05/2023

If you want glowing white teeth like a celebrity, you certainly can pursue teeth whitening treatments that will get you there. The big question a lot of patients who are seeking teeth whitening in Walnut Creek is "Does teeth whitening weaken your teeth in the long run?" Panoramic Dental answers that question extensively.

Moderation Is Key

Everything in moderation applies to dental whitening. While it is safe to whiten your teeth via professional dental application once a year, doing it more often or using over-the-counter whitening products is not wise. The minor changes in tooth enamel after a single whitening in the dental chair will not damage your teeth.

Additionally, if you do request annual whitening, it doesn't damage your teeth either. Teeth are living things that heal and recover like most body parts, so long as you are taking care of them. That means that any slight damage that may occur with annual whitening procedures is generally undone by the following year.

Over-whitening Is What You Should Be Concerned About

All of the dental procedures used to whiten teeth are perfectly safe. However, repeatedly whitening your teeth for short periods is not good for your teeth. Most dentists won't even repeat a dental whitening in under a year, let alone monthly, weekly, or quarterly.

Additionally, using over-the-counter shelf products for teeth whitening from Walnut Creek stores isn't the best way to do this. Many of these products require multiple applications to reach the level of white you desire.

Typically, one professional whitening reaches your desired whiteness and does no or next to no damage, while store whitening kits can cause more damage. For the truest whiteness in one go with minimal damage to your teeth, schedule an appointment with your dentist.

Weakening Your Teeth

Poor oral hygiene and consumption of sugary foods create more weakness in your teeth than teeth whitening. Your teeth can't weaken with the annual whitening treatments in the same way they would be weakened by sugar and not brushing.

Most patients just want whiter teeth for special occasions or events where they know pictures will be taken (e.g., weddings). If you're not going to your dentist year after year for decades to whiten your teeth. It isn't an issue at all if you're only doing it once a year anyway.

Worst Thing That Can Happen from Over-Whitening

The worst thing that can happen is that you will have increased tooth sensitivity. Hot, cold, or sweet foods and drinks will cause unpleasant sensations. If you stop over-whitening with store-bought whitening kits for a few months and start brushing with a sensitivity toothpaste, these sensations will go away.

If you are ready to see a whiter smile, schedule an appointment with Panoramic Dental today.