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Why You Should Always Go To Your Routine Dental Appointment

While dental care can help repair your teeth or replace them if they become damaged, your teeth and gums are still the foundation of a healthy mouth and a functioning jaw. Here at Panoramic Dental, your local dentist in Walnut Creek, we want to support all of our patients in developing good oral hygiene and keeping their teeth strong—which is why we recommend that our patients visit our cosmetic dentistry at least twice a year. Check out this brief guide to why you should always go to your routine dental appointment!

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5 Reasons To Choose Dental Veneers

If you are not happy with your smile and you are looking to make improvements, dental veneers are a great solution. Veneers are tooth-shaped shells made from a resin composite or dental porcelain that are cemented to your teeth to correct imperfections. The experts at Panoramic Dental share these five reasons why you should consider veneers.

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How Often Should I Go to the Dentist?

Here at Panoramic Dental, we recommend our patients visit us for a cleaning and checkup twice a year at six month intervals. If you have specific oral health needs, we may recommend visiting us more often. While brushing and flossing may seem like enough to ensure clean teeth and gums, plaque will still build up on your teeth.

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Invisalign: An Affordable Alternative To Metal Braces

By now you’ve heard about Invisalign, the new best way to get your teeth straight without having to wear cumbersome metal braces. But is Invisalign really as effective as braces, and is it true that it is more affordable? Here at Panoramic Dental we are proud to present the case for Invisalign, the affordable alternative to metal braces.

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4 Benefits of Dental Cleanings in Walnut Creek

At Panoramic Dental, our dentists work exceedingly hard to ensure all of our patients keep up their oral health routine and, when necessary, receive dental procedures like dental crowns and bridges to restore their smiles. It is always our first priority to practice preventive dentistry which involves dental cleanings, X-rays, and twice a year check-ups to confirm your teeth and gums are healthy.

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Practice Announcement

In an effort to follow the latest Coronavirus (COVID-19) guidelines from the CDC and the California Dental Association, we will be implementing the following adjustments to our office schedules. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

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At-Home vs Professional Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular treatments in all of dentistry and with good reason. After all, teeth whitening allows you to dramatically lighten teeth and achieve a brand new smile in just an afternoon! But there are two kinds of teeth whitening available: store-bought, at-home whitening kits and professional, in-office teeth whitening treatment. As your dedicated dentists in Walnut Creek, CA, we at Panoramic Dental wanted to shed some light on the differences.

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Holiday Oral Care Tips

The holiday season is a great time to get together with family and friends, exchange gifts, and enjoy lots of delicious foods and treats. However, this does not mean that we can neglect our teeth during the holidays. Panoramic Dental wants to remind you to keep practicing your normal oral hygiene routine throughout the holiday season, especially when you are consuming more sugary foods and desserts. Dr. Miyasaki and Dr. Moiceanu have put together an easy to-do list to follow and ensure your teeth stay healthy and cavity free this holiday season.

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How to Brush for Proper Oral Hygiene

At Panoramic Dental, we're proud to help patients throughout Walnut Creek maintain healthy, beautiful smiles through comprehensive dental treatment. Brushing your teeth is the cornerstone to any oral hygiene regimen, and if you're wondering about the best way to brush your teeth for proper oral hygiene, we can help.

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Do I Have Sleep Apnea?

Many people have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep and, once you achieve your sleep, snoring is oftentimes an uncomfortable and unwelcome symptom. At what point, however, can you stop blaming that late-night cup of coffee or ill-chosen spicy pizza and wings combo and decide to get a checkup for something more serious. Don’t stress! If you think you may be suffering from a disorder like Sleep Apnea, come in to Panoramic Dental and receive a consultation from one of our doctors to get to the root of the issue that’s keeping you up late at night.

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Why It's Important To Floss

At Panoramic Dental, our mission is to help patients throughout Walnut Creek protect their smiles through comprehensive dental care. But the health of your smile depends on more than our in-office treatments, and in addition to brushing twice per day, flossing is foundational to the health of your smile. We believe patient education is vital to dental health, so for this blog, we want to dive into the reasons that flossing is so important to oral hygiene and healthy teeth.

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How To Properly Floss Your Teeth

For our Walnut Creek and La Morinda area patients, cavities or periodontal disease almost always develops between the teeth, causing a variety of common problems. That’s why the dentists and staff at Panoramic Dental really encourage all patients to floss at least once a day.

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Why Oral Hygiene Is Important?

Maintaining good oral hygiene protects your teeth and gums from decay and disease. When bacteria combine with saliva and sugary starches in your mouth, plaque can form on your teeth. Plaque is a thin coating that covers your teeth and in between your teeth and can eat away at your enamel, causing tooth decay and discoloration. Plaque can also cause serious gum disease that can lead to the loss of teeth.

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Foods That Naturally Whiten Your Teeth

At Panoramic Dental, our cosmetic dentists and staff want all our patients to have healthy, beautifully white smiles that they are proud of. Of course, with good regular oral hygiene and dental cleanings this can be achieved. But sometimes, we want our smiles to be a little bit more white, and we’ve got an easy way to reach your ideal smile: eat!

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Signs You Have A Cavity

Even with a lifetime of proper dental care and regular dental check-ups, cavities can still happen to you or your family members! At Panoramic Dental in Walnut Creek, CA, our highly-trained family dentists and expert staff can help pinpoint the telltale signs that you have a cavity forming. Servicing the greater Walnut Creek area, Panoramic Dental guarantees quality cavity diagnosis and treatments, helping to educate our patients about preventing cavities along the way.

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